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St. Louis Contractors Help Tornado Victims Pick Up the Pieces

When a tornado touched down in suburban St. Louis just recently, homeowners saw firsthand just how powerful nature could be. The twister left in its wake a 100-yard-wide path of devastation in University City. Pieces of rubble and debris from damaged roofs and windows littered the area, which raised the question, how do we go about repairing the windows in St. Louis and rebuilding all this damaged property?

tornado touches down image

Strong Winds

The tornado was relatively small; meteorologists rated it between EF0 and EF1, which means winds were clocking in at speeds between 65 mph and 110 mph. But it still laid waste to at least 100 homes in the area and caused damage to public facilities as well. A KMBC report said:

National Weather Service meteorologist Jayson Gosselin said the tornado downed several power lines and trees, some of which blocked major roadways. The storm was also apparently to blame for a natural gas leak that forced the evacuation of some University City residents. The city opened a shelter at Heman Park for evacuees.

Gosselin said it was fortunate that the damage in University City wasn’t worse, and that no one was hurt.

Gov. Jay Nixon, citing the twister and the flash floods, declared a state of emergency and activated the State Emergency Operations Center.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported and the local government has been working hard to get things back to normal. As for the property damage, many of the leading contractors in St. Louis and the surrounding areas are ready and willing to help homeowners pick up the pieces and hopefully give them something even better.

Picking Up the Pieces

While the damage has been relatively extensive, there is hope left for University City residents. With the help of Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors, a home renovation contractor and provider of replacement windows in St. Louis, the affected families can start picking up the pieces and get their properties back in good shape.

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(Article Excerpt and Image from Tornado briefly touches down near St. Louis,, April 3, 2014)