Does Bathroom Remodeling Add Value to Your Home?

Bathroom Remodeling
Perhaps your bathroom is starting to look a little rough around the edges, with a worn-out vanity or damaged tub showing tell-tale signs of age. Or maybe your bathroom resembles a museum of a décor style you’d rather forget. Whatever the case, you’ve decided that it’s high time to embark on a bathroom remodeling project that will transform your space into the spa-like retreat you’ve always dreamed of. Before you begin planning out your dream bathroom, however, there’s one question you need answered: Will a bathroom remodeling project add value to my home?

While a detailed answer to that question depends on the scope of your project, you’ll be happy to learn that most bathroom remodels do improve home value in some way. This should come as no surprise—many of the same updated features that you enjoy in a bathroom would be enjoyed by potential home buyers as well. If you’d like to maximize value during a bathroom remodeling project, here are a few things you can keep in mind:

The Scope of Your Project

When determining how much value a bathroom remodel will add to a home, most professionals will evaluate the scope of the project. Upscale remodels may have the biggest impact on home values, but the cost of these projects may mean that homeowners can’t recoup quite as much of their investment when listing their property. Mid-range bathroom remodels, on the other hand, don’t impact home values quite as much. However, their lower cost means that homeowners can recoup more of their investment.

So, how do you decide which bathroom remodeling project is right for you?

Upscale Bathroom Remodels

Those looking to completely reinvent their spaces often consider upscale bathroom remodels. During one of these projects, a contractor will dramatically change the space by installing new fixtures, tile, vanities, and hardware. However, these transformations tend to come with hefty price tags, and most homeowners can only recoup around 56% of their investment from increased home value. This, coupled with the fact that upscale remodels require you to lose access to your room for weeks on end, means that an upscale bathroom remodeling project may not offer as much value as you’d like.

Mid-Range Bathroom Remodels

Of course, most bathrooms don’t require extensive remodeling in order to reach their potential. During a mid-range remodel, your contractor will perform more targeted upgrades in order give your room’s most prominent features an update. This may involve:

In addition to taking less time to complete, these bathroom remodels tend to have the best cost-value relationship. In fact, most homeowners will recoup around 62% of their investment when listing their homes after a mid-range bathroom remodel.

The Caliber of Materials

Of course, in order to ensure your bathroom remodeling project adds as much value as possible to your home, you want to partner with a contractor who uses top-tier products. That’s because you want your new bathroom to maintain its stylish appearance over the years, looking just as beautiful when you list your house as it does on the day you had it installed.

Just because you’re investing in high-caliber products for your bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank, though. Acrylic showers tend not to cost as much as their tile or stone counterparts, but they can convincingly imitate these materials when well made. Similarly, refacing the cabinets in your vanity will cost less than replacing the entire unit while still making your vanity look like new.

The best way to ensure your bathroom remodeling project improves your home’s value is to partner with a contractor you can trust. In the St. Louis, Missouri, area, that contractor is Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors & Baths. Contact us today to learn more about the bathroom remodels we perform.


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