Reasons to Replace Your House Windows

Picture of a living room with a large, beautiful picture window.Have you noticed recently that your home’s windows are really starting to show their age? Many Missouri homeowners have found themselves in a similar situation. Sometimes you realize it when pulling into the driveway that the original windows on your home are cracked, faded, and detracting from your home’s appearance. Other times, you’ll go to crack open a window on a lovely day only to struggle with stuck frames that won’t budge – or worse – loud screechy hinges. Whatever the situation may be, if your windows are no longer ideal, then you should be considering vinyl replacement windows.

Windows play a very critical role in much of your home’s value and comfort, both from a structural standpoint and an aesthetic one. Windows let in light during the day and keep your home, loved ones, and belongings secure at night. It’s the beautiful views of the world outside that make your windows a desirable fixture of the home. However, old and rundown windows may be working against you, so you may want to consider replacing them for these reasons:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Windows are one of the primary sources of poor home efficiency, usually because older designs lack the benefits of modern insulative features. Modern vinyl windows are built with energy efficiency at the forefront by reducing thermal conductivity through the entire window fixture. New house windows utilize multiple glass panes with inert gas fills, such as argon, between each layer which slows and reduces heat transfer through the glass. Additionally, vinyl frames perform well in reducing both air leakage and heat transfer around the edges of the window, meaning your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to keep you comfortable.

Increased Security

If any of your home’s windows lack locks or have unreliable locking mechanisms, you are leaving your home and its occupants at risk. There’s no price that can be put on peace of mind, and whether you’re in your home or traveling you want to be sure that others don’t have access to your home through poorly functioning windows. High-quality replacement windows feature stronger locks and more rugged frames and panes to give homeowners the confidence that they are protected.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Old, dilapidated windows are one of the most easily visible detractors of your home’s appearance. If your windows are cracked, faded, or rotting, this will make your entire house appear rundown and outdated from the curb. Things are no different on the inside either. If your house windows lack a clean unform appearance, you’re going to notice it every time you gaze outside. You can easily increase your home’s value and aesthetic appeal by replacing your windows.

Calming Comfort

New replacement windows will make your lifestyle far more comfortable. Everyone loves a great outdoor view, and replacement window installations frame these views in breathtaking clarity. Insulated window designs also block out noise, giving you the opportunity to let the busy world outside melt away as you enjoy your home in comfort.

Chose Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors & Baths for Your Replacement Windows

There you have it! By replacing your house windows, you’ll quickly realize that you should have made the upgrade years ago! Increased comfort, reduced energy bills, and overall security can all be enjoyed with vinyl window replacements, and there’s no better company to install your windows than Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors & Baths. We’re the area’s leading home installation company and have been wowing our customers since 1977. We’re committed to delivering unmatched professional service and only use the highest-quality premium materials in our construction. After all, even the best windows available won’t do you any good if they’re poorly installed, so don’t trust your home’s performance to just any contractor. Contact Jacob today to learn more about our services and to transform your home with gorgeous new replacement windows.


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