Tear Out the Tub and Build a New Shower 

Tear Out the Tub and Build a New Shower: A Step-by-Step Guide

Transforming your bathroom by removing an old bathtub to create a sleek, new shower can increase functionality and add modern appeal. Follow this comprehensive guide to tear out your tub and build the shower of your dreams.

Jacob Baths can be an invaluable partner when undertaking a bathroom renovation project like tearing out a bathtub to construct a new shower. Here's how their services can assist you through the different stages of the process detailed in the guide you provided:

Expert Consultation

Before you begin the demolition, Jacob Baths can offer expert advice on design and material selection. Their specialists can help you decide on the type of shower that best fits your space, style, and budget.

Professional Demolition

The demolition phase described involves several steps that can be complex and labor-intensive. Jacob Baths can manage the process safely and efficiently, removing your old tub without damaging surrounding areas. They will ensure that all plumbing is disconnected and disposed of according to building codes and regulations.


Ensuring that the new plumbing and framing is up to code can be a technical challenge. Jacob Baths has experienced plumbers and carpenters who can adjust water supply lines, install new shower controls, and inspect and repair any existing framing. Their expertise ensures everything is structurally sound and leak-proof.

Custom Shower Solutions

If a pre-fabricated shower pan doesn't suit your taste or needs, Jacob Baths can build a custom shower base to fit your specifications. They can also handle the precise alignment of the new drain with the shower base and guarantee that the installation is done correctly.


Proper waterproofing is crucial for the longevity of your new shower. Jacob Baths can apply a waterproofing membrane correctly and ensure it integrates seamlessly with the backer board.

Installation of Fixtures and Final Touches

Jacob Baths can provide a range of quality shower fixtures and handle their installation according to manufacturer guidelines. They will also expertly apply caulk and seal all necessary areas to ensure the shower is watertight.

By utilizing Jacob Baths for your renovation project, you can expect high-quality workmanship that adheres to all building standards, potentially saves you time and helps avoid common DIY pitfalls. Whether you choose to go with a full-service approach or enlist them for specific tasks, Jacob Baths can ensure that your transition from an old bathtub to a new, modern shower is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Preparing for Demolition

Materials and Tools Needed:


  1. Turn Off the Water Supply: Before beginning, ensure the water supply to the bathroom is switched off.
  2. Remove the Drain and Overflow: Take out the drain and the overflow cover using the screwdriver and wrench.
  3. Disconnect Plumbing Fixtures: If your tub has a shower fixture, remove this by using the adjustable wrench and screwdriver.

Demolition of the Tub


  1. Protect Surrounding Areas: Use heavy-duty plastic sheets to protect floors and surrounding areas from debris.
  2. Cut Caulking and Seals: With the utility knife, slice through any caulk connecting the tub to the walls.
  3. Remove the Tub Surround or Tiles: Starting at the edge, use the pry bar and hammer to remove any tiles or surround material.
  4. Detach the Tub: Cut apart the tub section if it’s too large to remove in one piece, using the reciprocating saw.
  5. Remove the Tub: With the help of another person, lift out the tub. Use the sledgehammer for cast iron tubs to break them into smaller, manageable pieces.

Preparing for New Shower Installation


  1. Inspect and Repair Framing: Look over the existing framing for any water damage or rot, repairing as necessary.
  2. Install New Plumbing: Adjust water supply lines and install new shower controls if required.
  3. Prepare Shower Drain: Align the new drain with the shower base, ensuring proper fitting.

Installing the New Shower

Materials and Tools Needed:


  1. Install the Shower Base: Place the shower pan or build a custom base using mortar, following the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Install Backer Board: Fasten the cement backer board to the walls, sealing the joints with adhesive and waterproofing membrane.
  3. Tile the Shower: Starting from the bottom, place the tiles using tile adhesive. Once the adhesive is cured, apply grout between the tiles.
  4. Install Shower Fixtures: Following the instructions, install the showerhead, faucet, and any other fixtures.
  5. Caulk and Seal: Apply caulk around the shower base, corners, and fixtures to ensure a watertight seal.
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