How to Choose the Right Windows for Your St. Louis Home’s Architectural Style

Jacob Windows has become a household name in St. Louis for homeowners seeking to preserve the aesthetic integrity of their properties while updating their windows to modern standards. With a thriving architectural landscape that includes Victorian, French Colonial, Federal, and Modern architectural designs, this city demands a nuanced approach to window selection. Here is how Jacob Windows can guide residents through the process of matching window styles with these diverse architectural themes:

Victorian Style Homes

Victorian homes are known for their ornate details and asymmetrical features. For these homes, Jacob Windows recommends:

French Colonial Style Homes

Elegant and symmetrical, French Colonial homes in St. Louis often feature expansive porches and balconies. To match this style, Jacob Windows suggests:

Federal Style Homes

With an emphasis on symmetry and simplicity, Federal style homes benefit from:

Modern and Contemporary Style Homes

In modern designs where the focus is on clean lines and natural light, Jacob Windows endorses:

Jacob Windows prides itself on understanding the historical and architectural importance of St. Louis homes and offers personalized consulting to ensure that window replacements enhance the character and beauty of each unique home. By balancing aesthetic appreciation with the latest energy-efficient technology, homeowners can rest assured that their updates will respect the architectural integrity of their homes while also embracing modern window advancements.

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